Services offers a range of consulting services including:


  • Investment qualification
  • Cash flow and risk analysis
  • Value maximization
  • Sensitivity and scenario analysis

After determining your investment goals and parameters, can generate a custom report detailing our expert analysis of your investment.  Additionally, our experts will be available to discuss any questions you might have regarding the valuation, including steps you can take to maximize the return on your investment.

Analysis determines the investment value of an income-generating property by analyzing a number of important factors including:

  • Expected cash flows
  • Economic factors such as interest rates, inflation and the economy
  • Systemic and idiosyncratic risk
  • Required Return on Investment (ROI), Capitalization Rate (CR), Profitability Index (PI) and Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Tax considerations

Each factor is meticulously scrutinized by our experts and quantified using advanced financial analysis.  The end result is that you can feel confident knowing your investment is as good as possible.